Обложка книги Open the Coffin : A true story of the supernatural

Open the Coffin : A true story of the supernatural

ISBN: 0595672558;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 157

Book Description?First in a dream then into my office came a centuries old ghost, tapping on my desk with a fan.? The mother of emperors, kings and queens, herself sole sovereign over half the world for fifty-one years, Juana was Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Castile, Queen of Aragon, Sicily, Sardinia, Naples, Mexico, Peru and ?all the lands to the west of Africa.? Yet Simon & Schuster?s great reference book The Timetables of History does not even mention her death in 1555. Two and a half centuries before the United States was born, Juana the First of Spain attempted to establish a democratic government that would have spanned the Americas from pole to pole. How could such a person simply vanish into a footnote of modern times? Betrayed first by her husband, then her father, then her son, Juana was declared insane. Under iron-clad secrecy she was committed to the horrors of a stone room without light for nearly a decade. The answer seems all...

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