Обложка книги Cisco IP Routing Protocols: Trouble Shooting Techniques (Networking Series)

Cisco IP Routing Protocols: Trouble Shooting Techniques (Networking Series)

ISBN: 1584503416;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning

Book Description Cisco IP Routing Protocols: Troubleshooting Techniques is a comprehensive reference guide for network professionals facing problems with implementing and configuring IP routing protocols. It begins with an explanation of troubleshooting methodologies and tools, including Cisco and TCP/IP diagnostic commands and basic protocol behavior. From there it covers possible and potential real-world problems in configuring and deploying routing protocols in small, medium, and large networks. Usinga unique building block approach, the entire process of solving problems associated with routing protocols is covered¬isolation of the problem, classification of the problem, identification of the root cause of the problem, event correlation, and resolution. Through a visually intensive format, the book helps network professionals learn to troubleshoot real-life IP routing problems promptly, quickly, and efficiently.