Обложка книги Pokemon Colosseum. Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Pokemon Colosseum. Limited Edition Strategy Guide


ISBN: 0-7440-0373-3;
Издательство: Bradygames

THE ULTIMATE COLLECTIBLE FOR POKEMON COLOSSEUM FANS 2 books inside Exclusive art book 112-page book includes all 273 Pokemon in Colosseum. Plus exclusive artwork from Hiromoto Sin-ichi. Signature series strategy guide with exclusive cover Each Limited Edition includes our Signature Series strategy guide, with an exclusive cover for Pokemon fans. SIGNATURE series strategy guide includes: PULL OUT BATTLE CHART Covers all Pokemon from Colosseum, Ruby and Sapphire! BATTLE MODE Every trainer, every Pokemon! Every bit of information you need to defeat all challengers waiting for you inside Pokemon Colosseum! DETAILED POKeDEX Covers every Pokemon you can Snag, Evolve or add to your team! COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH Snag and Purify all Shadow Pokemon! TRAINER SCHOOL Learn...