Обложка книги The Game Asset Pipeline

The Game Asset Pipeline

ISBN: 1584503424;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Many of today's computer games are mega productions with huge teams and budgets, vast quantities of content, and crunched schedules. Getting these games to market is not an easy feat. Just managing the creation of content and getting that content into the right place at the right time is an enormous challenge. Hundreds of development hours are lost dealing with asset and pipeline issues, so the need for a working system is immense. The Game Asset Pipeline is written for tools programmers, producers, and managers who need to know how to create such a system. The solutions and ideas presented in the book cover current technology and methods that can be used to design and implement an asset management system. The book is divided into three distinct areas: * Construcutng robust and usable asset management systems * Building systems necessary to implement an automated system for managing asset processing The nuts and bolts of performing the most common tasks Each of...