Обложка книги ShaderX3: Advanced Rendering with DirectX and OpenGL

ShaderX3: Advanced Rendering with DirectX and OpenGL

ISBN: 1584503572;
Издательство: Charles River Media
Страниц: 654

In the past few years, DirectX and graphics cards have rapidly improved, providing a more powerful and flexible rendering pipeline. With all of these advancements, vertex and pixel shaders are becoming widely used in high end graphics and game development. Learning how to program shaders, however, is still new and challenging to many programmers. Those who have been working with these tools have found innovative uses and methods, and many of these ideas are included in ShaderX3 Advanced Rendering with DirectX and OpenGL. This all new collection of articles, written by industry experts, provides an array of practical, ready-to-use shader tricks and techniques. By using these techniques, programmers will become more efficient and better prepared to overcome a variety of shader programming challenges. TOPICAL COVERAGE: * Geometry Manipulation Tricks: covers vertex or geometry manipulation, including geometry compression, animation, and procedural geometry * Rendering...

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