Обложка книги Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide

ISBN: 0744001404;
Издательство: Brady Games
Страниц: 272

BradyGames Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide contains a comprehensive walkthrough with detailed strategy to steer you in the right direction, complete with unbeatable strategy, and without plot spoilers! The unstoppable boss strategy provides powerful tactics to topple every boss in the game! Secrets revealed to unlock every character's legendary weapon. Every side quest and mini-game uncovered to help you become the ultimate blitzer! All-inclusive bestiary lets you discover the strengths and weaknesses of every fiend in the game and the spoils rewarded for defeating them. Game secrets include secret world map locations and airship passwords. Plus, area maps, detailed item, weapon, and armor inventories are also included! This Signature Series guide combines quality design and innovative content, serving as the ultimate Final Fantasy X resource. Some of the features in this guide include a special cover treatment, exclusive interviews, and...

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