Обложка книги Freelancer Strategies & Secrets

Freelancer Strategies & Secrets

ISBN: 0782141870; 9780782141870;
Издательство: Sybex
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionExcel in a Universe of Possibilities Make your own way in the universe of opportunity that is Freelancer. Become embroiled in the politics of the fledgling galactic systems and serve the security forces, become a ruthless mercenary, become a savvy trader of rare commodities, or work for anyone who pays the right price. Let this book be your guide to the open-ended universe. Written with the full support of Microsoft Game Studios, this ultra-detailed guide is packed with the strategies, tactics, data, and analysis you need to become a superior Freelancer. Inside you'll find: * Hardcore strategies and tips straight from Freelancer's developers * In-depth analysis of every star system, planet, and base * Comprehensive, detailed stats for all ships, weaponry, and equipment * Step-by-step walkthroughs of every story-based mission in the exciting campaign * Detailed background on all factions, including info about their...