Обложка книги The Science and Secrets of Winning in Futures

The Science and Secrets of Winning in Futures

ISBN: 0-930233-52-2;
Издательство: Windsor Books
Страниц: 420

You've never seen a trading book quite like this one. The ideas and concepts shared in this book are based on the author's actual experience and personal trading results. Benefit from over 30 years experience in the markets, including over6 years as a professional money manager. You'll learn the effects of price behavior on future market direction...and how you can profit from it. Discover CYCLETRAC, a phenomenal trading program for profiting in the futures markets. Trading results are shown in the S&P 500, T-Bond, Gold, Swiss Franc and Soybean markets. Cycletrac combines human behavior characteristics with price analysis to produce consistent, automatic investing profits. You'll also learn options trading strategies, fundamental market analysis, how to become a better trader and much more. This book is designed to give you all the tools to be a superior player in the trading game.