Обложка книги Penny Arcade Volume 4: Birds Are Weird (Penny Arcade)

Penny Arcade Volume 4: Birds Are Weird (Penny Arcade)


ISBN: 1593077734; 978-1-59307-773-0;
Издательство: Dark Horse
Страниц: 120

Do you see that bird? Right there - that's the one. Don't stare! Just be cool. Why is he here? Why are there now two birds? Why is there a gathering cloud of birds, birds coming from every direction, landing in your hair and perching on your shoulders? Well, they may have been drawn by this very book - the fourth collected volume from "Penny Arcade", entitled "Birds Are Weird". Do they find the title offensive? Are they here to express their support? It's not clear. Here's what we do know: This book collects every "Penny Arcade" strip posted during 2003! It includes dry, durable commentary - perfect for nest making! It captures the strange mind of Tycho Brahe with selected posts from this period of psychological torment! The foreword was written by Karen Traviss, science fiction author supreme! And, for the first time, marvel at "Gabriel's Appendix!"

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