Обложка книги The TL 9000 Guide for Auditors

The TL 9000 Guide for Auditors

ISBN: 0-87389-510-X;
Издательство: ASQ Quality Press
Страниц: 132

The TL 9000 Guide for Auditors is an easy to use tool for both experienced and novice telecommunications auditors who want a better understanding of the TL9000 standard. Written by an experienced auditor, this book explains TL9000 from an auditors viewpoint, and offers examples of questions an auditor may ask during the course of an interview. The book is extremely helpful to both TL9000 auditors and those trying to gain a better understanding as they implement TL9000 within their organization. One of the few books available on this topic, this book provides a unique perspective of the telecommunication standards. Each chapter of the book includes a check list of pertinent questions that will help offer further insights into the details of TL9000.