Обложка книги Akiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000 (Akiko)

Akiko and the Alpha Centauri 5000 (Akiko)

ISBN: 0385729693;
Издательство: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionAkiko and her crew–Spuckler Boach, Mr. Beeba, Poog, and Gax–are competing in an intergalactic race from one side of the universe to the other. Along the way they have to make it through the narrow passages of the Labyrinth of Lulla-ma-Waygo, the notorious Almost Black Hole of Luzbert-7, and the deadly Jaws of McVluddapuck. All Akiko wants to do is make it back to Earth in one piece! But when Spuckler discovers that his old rival Bluggamin Streed is also in the race, winningbecomes the most important thing. And Akiko quickly finds herself caught up in the competition. Who will go home with the celebrated Centauri Cup?