Обложка книги Cabin on Trouble Creek

Cabin on Trouble Creek

ISBN: 0803725485;
Издательство: Dial Books for Young Readers
Страниц: 219

Book DescriptionWolves, bears, and a heavy snowstorm are just some of the dangers that Daniel and Will must face&150alone. It's 1803, and the boys and their father have recently arrived in Ohio, following the promise of rich farmland. After clearing enough forest to build a log cabin, Pa sets off for Pennsylvania to fetch the rest of the family, while eleven-year-old Daniel and nine-year-old Will stay behind to watch the land. Pa had planned to return within five or six weeks . . . but something must have gone terribly wrong. Now the boys must survive the winter with only an axe, two knives, a sack of cornmeal, and&150most important of all&150their ability to invent and improvise. But are they truly alone in the woods? Daniel thinks that someone is watching them . . . Jean Van Leeuwen's engrossing novel of pioneer survival is based on a true incident. Readers, especially boys, will be fascinated by the struggles and triumphs of these brave young characters.