Обложка книги Flashlight Dinosaurs, Terror in Time (Flashlight Books)

Flashlight Dinosaurs, Terror in Time (Flashlight Books)

ISBN: 0764157728;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 24

Book Description When the time machine lands, the leader of a band of magazine photographers jumps out and shouts: ?I smell dinosaurs out here!? Soon, they?re all taking pictures of the three-horned triceratops, the gigantic allosaur, and many more monsters. With just a simple flashlight, kids can project shadows of these monsters on a wall. Flashlight Books are funny and a little scary, but their most unusual features are the illustrations, with die-cut shapes that glow in the dark. Better yet, when kids turn out the lights, then hold one of the book?s die-cut paper monsters so that it catches a flashlight beam, a monster silhouette is projected on the wall behind the picture. Kids can make their own shadow monster movies after they?ve read each book?s humorously rhymed story.