Обложка книги MVP: *Magellan Voyage Project

MVP: *Magellan Voyage Project

ISBN: 1932425136;
Издательство: Front Street
Страниц: 231

Book DescriptionEvery kid's dream is to be named Most Valuable Player. But how many ever dream that the game is a race around the world (no flying allowed) in just 40 days? That's the challenge Adam Story faces in the Great Global Game. As the player forthe *Magellan Voyage Project, he competes against 23 other players for a four-million-dollar prize! Of course the trackers in red sweat suits and hoodies with their blowguns and sleeping darts don't make things easy. Nor does the nefarious Baron von Sheepsbottom, who will stop at nothing to stop Adam. But it's time to go -- the game's afoot!

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