Обложка книги The Bark Of The Bog Owl (The Wilderking Trilogy)

The Bark Of The Bog Owl (The Wilderking Trilogy)

ISBN: 0805431314;
Издательство: Broadman & Holman Publishers
Страниц: 231

Book DescriptionThe prophet Bayard arrives at Longleaf Manor, the estate of Lord Errol with an unanticipated announcement. Aidan Errol, Lord Errol?s youngest son, is the Wilderking. But the weight and glory of this pronouncement is yet to be shouldered. In the meanwhile, Lord Errol and his sons attend a Treaty Feast celebrating a pact signed between Corenwald and the Pythen Empire. But Corenwald is double crossed by the Pyrthens and they go to war. The story unfolds as Aidan begins to walk the way of his destiny through the feechifolk and a showdown with the Pyrthen champion Greidawl ending with an epic battle to save the kingdom of Corenwald.