Обложка книги The Dare Detectives Volume 1: The Snowpea Plot

The Dare Detectives Volume 1: The Snowpea Plot

ISBN: 1593071760;
Издательство: Dark Horse
Страниц: 96

Reformed crook Maria Dare has assembled a team of misfits to crack the world's weirdest cases! They have brains ... they have guts ... but they don't have a clue! And in their first adventure. The Dare Detectives are finished! Rent's due and their license is suspended, but Dare's going-out-of-business festivities are interrupted by Madame Bleu - whose abominable snowmen pets are on a chef-stealing, radio-robbing, snowpea-swiping crime wave! Dare races against the clock to hunt down MadameBleu with the help of corrupt cops and Chinatown's old crime boss. But can these bunglers really prevent the most audacious - and inexplicably convoluted - crime of the century?

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