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Harlan D. Platt

Why Companies Fail: Strategies for Detecting, Avoiding, and Profiting from Bankruptcy

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ISBN: 1-893122-05-0
Издательство: Beard Books
Страниц: 152
A business fails every hour of every day in the United States. Why? What kinds of problems have these businesses run into? And what steps can corporate executives and managers take to avoid the same fate for their own companies? Why Companies Fail answers these questions and more, in a straightforward presentation of the causes of business failure and the strategies for steering a troubled company away from the threat of bankruptcy and liquidation. Author Harlan D.Platt identifies five major financial traps that can lead to failure, and illustrates each trap with actual cases of well-known companies, including Wickes, W.T.Grant, and Braniff. Dr. Platt offers distressed companies hope, too, with examples of asset, liability, and corporate maneuvers that can help guide failing businesses to firmer ground.