Обложка книги Alosha : Alosha Trilogy Book One (Alosha Trilogy)

Alosha : Alosha Trilogy Book One (Alosha Trilogy)

ISBN: 0765349604;
Издательство: Tor Teen
Страниц: 320

Book Description Almost everyone, at some time, dreams of being the hidden king or queen of a far-off land. Almost everyone dreams that someday that secret identity will be revealed, heralding a new life filled with magic and power and love. Teenager Ali Warner has good reason to believe in such a fantasy. While hiking in the woods behind her house, Ali stumbles across a plot by the elementals--mysterious creatures who live in a neighboring dimension--to invade and destroy the Earth. Not only that, she discovers that she has been chosen to stop the attack. Why Ali? It is very possible that she is more than human . . . Eager to earn her magical abilities and learn her true identity, Ali sets out on a great adventure. The journey will take her far from home and through a series of dangerous tests that require not only courage and strength, but an insight into life itself. Accompanied by...

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