Обложка книги Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior

Lady Ilena: Way of the Warrior

ISBN: 0385732252;
Издательство: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionLady Ilena still can’t believe she is hereditary chief of Dun Alyn, her new home in the North. She eagerly awaits the return of her betrothed, Durant of Arthur’s table, and the time when Durant will rule beside her. But Britain is in a state of unrest. Despite Durant’s and Arthur’s efforts at unification, several neighboring fortresses have allied with Saxon invaders in the South. These tribes want Dun Alyn, and one tribal leader called Faolan will stop at nothing to get it. When Ilena refuses to accept Faolan’s marriage proposal in her loved one’s absence, she sets off a bloody battle–with grave results. A warrior can commit no greater crime than to falter under attack, and now Ilena faces theultimate punishment: she must leave Dun Alyn, alone, and may not return to her people until she has proved herself worthy to be their leader. The journey will take Ilena to old friends–and new ones–as she searches for...

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