Обложка книги Moon Beam and the War of the Witch Queen : book 1

Moon Beam and the War of the Witch Queen : book 1

ISBN: 0595369200;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 116

Book DescriptionDawn breaks, and the world awakes to tragedy and horror Addressing a terrified crowd, Bayla, the Witch Queen, announces that she has slain her own sisters, the rulers of the land. In her quest for power, Bayla has gone mad and declares herself supreme ruler. Instead of cowering, the creatures of the land unite and drive Bayla into the desert land of Nadura. They build Jaden?s Wall to ensure her final imprisonment. For a while, the world puts the memory of the Witch Queen and her madness in the past, but few realize just how strong Bayla is becoming behind Jaden?s Wall. All too soon, Bayla breaks free, this time with an army of her own evil creation. Moon Beam, a free-spirited Unicorn, learns of the threat and calls for her clans to unite with the humans once more to destroy the evil forever. Will Moon Beam live through the battle ahead, or will her bravery and determination lead to her destruction?