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Sharon Siamon

Swift Horse (Mustang Mountain)

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ISBN: 1552856593
Издательство: Walrus Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionA story of adventure and self-discovery. Each book in the Mustang Mountain series is a thrilling read filled with stories of friendship, adventure and intrigue. Alison Chant is angry at the world. She wants a new horse, but everything gets in her way. First, her mom says, 'No more horses!' Then, Alison finds the horse of her dreams. But it belongs to a young girl named Kristy Jones, who refuses to sell her beloved Skipper. Regrettably, Alison takes matters into her own hands. She gets Skipper and herself into terrible trouble at a barrel race. Who can save her? Will it be Chuck McClintock, the goofy, redheaded cowboy she met at Mustang Mountain Ranch? Or will it be his good-looking cousin Craig? Alison is wondering what to do when a surprise visitor shows up to test the limits of her endurance. Alison will need all her resources of courage and strength to heal and make things right.