Обложка книги The Diary of Pelly D

The Diary of Pelly D

ISBN: 0060766158;
Издательство: Greenwillow
Страниц: 288

Book Description Toni V is a teenager working for the City Five demolition crew. While drilling through concrete he unearths a battered water can containing a parcel wrapped in faded brown paper. Though he's supposed to turn over anything he salvages,Toni V smuggles the package back to his room, unwraps it, and finds a notebook. This is the diary of Pelly D. It's totally secret, so if you're reading it I hate you already. Toni V figures there's no harm in paging through it since he doesn't even know this Pelly D. I'm not being arrogant. That's just the way it is at school. . . . I'm Pelly D. It's pretty simple. I RULE! The more Toni V reads, the more he thinks Pelly D is rich, stupid, and petty. Yet he can't help starting to care for her, especially as her words slowly reveal the chilling state of her world. I know it doesn't matter what gene tag you have -- Mum's made that clear again & again like a stuck CD. It's just . . . How can I...

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