Обложка книги Voyage of Plunder (Chronicles of Courage (Knopf Hardcover))

Voyage of Plunder (Chronicles of Courage (Knopf Hardcover))

ISBN: 0375823832;
Издательство: Knopf Books for Young Readers
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionDaniel Markham loved his father’s mysterious friends, visiting in the dead of night but always gone by morning. He never imagined they could be pirates. But when the Markhams’ merchant vessel is plundered by the pirate ship Tempest Galley and his father shot dead in an act of revenge, Daniel can’t deny the truth. And now, orphaned and alone, Daniel is trapped and faced with a choice: Join the crew or die. Unprepared for the temptations of pirate life and for the captain’s inexplicable kindness toward him, Daniel knows only one thing for certain: One false step on a pirate ship could be deadly, and he’ll do anything to stay alive.