Обложка книги Economic Behavior and Institutions

Economic Behavior and Institutions

Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Страниц: 404

Scholars in a wide range of disciplines are adopting research approaches that emphasize the important role institutions play in shaping social behavior. Until now, however, no broad institutional framework has been developed for economics. In this important book, Professor Eggertsson suggests that the field of economics as a whole has lagged behind other disciplines in utilizing institutional methods due to a lack of viable theoretical structures. In an effort to rectify this deficiency, Professor Eggertsson surveys institutional research now under way in various branches of economics and proposes a unified approach to this research that emphasizes the common dependency on Neoclassical models. The resultant "Neoinstitutional Economics" brings together such topics as the economics of property rights, the theory of the firm, industrial organization, cliometrics, and law and economics. This book will serve as the primary resource for scholars and students who want to learn...