Обложка книги The Tale of Paradise Lost : Based on the Poem by John Milton

The Tale of Paradise Lost : Based on the Poem by John Milton

ISBN: 0689850972;
Издательство: Atheneum
Страниц: 160

Book Description Long, long ago, before the world was, before minutes ticked and seconds tocked, before beginnings had endings, there was a war in Heaven. In 1656 a great poet begins a new work. Because, at this stage of his life, he is completelyblind, he dictates the verses to his daughter, Deborah. It is a monumental work, a magnificent epic of good and evil, a richly inventive narrative that is audacious in its scope and splendor. It is the masterpiece we know as Paradise Lost. Nowanother poet, Newbery Award winner Nancy Willard, retells Milton's astonishing poem in a prose adaptation that faithfully captures his vivid imagery and cinematic flourish. Thrilling, gorgeous, suspenseful, and yes, even funny -- here is the tale of Lucifer's rebellion, the war between Heaven and Hell, the creation of the world, and the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve. Here is the tale of Paradise Lost in a beautifully illustrated edition that will introduce the glory of...