Обложка книги Flower Fables

Flower Fables

ISBN: 1557099545;
Издательство: Applewood Books
Страниц: 210

Book DescriptionA collection of six original fairy tales written by the acclaimed Louisa May Alcott. These stories are part of a large body of fantasy fiction the author wrote throughout her career. Each story features adventures of elves and fairy sprites in fairyland and are imbued with the lushness of Alcott's love of the natural world. Each story is between 12 and 18 pages with full page illustrations. The illustrations are a remarkable combination of nature and whimsy. Tucked into each illustration is a quote and minuscule portrait of writers and philosophers who influenced Alcott throughout her career.Download DescriptionThree little Fairies sat in the fields eating their breakfast; each among the leaves of her favorite flower, Daisy, Primrose,and Violet, were happy as Elves need be.