Обложка книги Mr. Pine's Purple House (Mr. Pine)

Mr. Pine's Purple House (Mr. Pine)

ISBN: 1930900325;
Издательство: Purple House Press
Страниц: 64

Amazon.com"Mr. Pine lived on Vine Street in a little white house." That's all fine and dandy, but there are 50 white houses on Vine Street, all in a line, and Mr. Pine can't tell which one is his! To distinguish his own abode, he decides to plant a little pine tree in front, but his neighbors like that idea so much, they do it, too. Even when he plants a bush next to his tree, everyone follows suit. Finally, Mr. Pine paints his house purple--and to his delight, no one else wants a purple house. His neighbors are inspired, however, to paint their own houses all different colors, their first break with conformity. ("'Yellow for me,' said Mrs. Green. 'Green for me,' said Mrs. Brown.") First published in 1965 and out of print until recently, Leonard Kessler's Mr. Pine's Purple House --a story of the triumph of individualism--has crept into the hearts of thousands of readers for decades. Simple but memorable line drawings (splashed with purple), large type, and airy design combine...

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