Обложка книги Elfish Fantasy: The Great Chocolate Caper

Elfish Fantasy: The Great Chocolate Caper

ISBN: 0595290388;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionA?IA?m Jason Starbuck. Are you Jacaranda Silverbark? IA?m supposed to findA A? A?Jackie.A? A?She is,A? answered Mei Lin. A?A her,A? said Jason. A?A talking fox? WhatA?s going on here?A? A?There is no time for chit chat,A? interrupted Mei Lin. A?There will be time later, if we can get out of here.WeA?re in big trouble.A? A?I can see that, MaA?am. What do you want me to do?A? A?I like that. HavenA?t been called MaA?am for centuries. Dig a hole in that wall while I keep the crowd entertained.A? Jason knelt down and taking his spear began to dig into the side of the wall. The sharp spear point easily cut through the wattle and plaster construction. Jackie pulled the debris out of...