Обложка книги Jerusalem of Gold: Jewish Stories of the Enchanted City

Jerusalem of Gold: Jewish Stories of the Enchanted City

ISBN: 1580231497;
Издательство: Jewish Lights Publishing
Страниц: 56

Book DescriptionJerusalem is a city that captures the imagination. It is a holy city where the ancient and modern meet side by side, and it is the subject of timeless stories that evoke its unique spirit. Some of the best of these are gathered together in this beautiful, engaging collection of historical and legendary stories for children ages seven and up. Each celebrates the magical city that has served as a beacon for the Jewish imagination for three thousand years. Drawing from the Talmud, midrash, Jewish folklore, and mystical and Hasidic sources, stores include: The Bird of Happiness How the Walls of the Temple Were Built The Story of Serah, Who Lived Longer Than Methuselah The Miracle of King David's Tomb Rabbi Nachman's Chair ...and many more Each story is complemented with factual vignettes that provide historical background to help deepen our understanding of the Jewish tradition and the words that have helped it survive.