Обложка книги The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon

ISBN: 0859537161;
Издательство: Child's Play International Ltd
Страниц: 32

Book Description"Once upon a time there was a princess who didn't behave like a princess..." Her behavior is dreadful. (Her idea of a good time is making rude faces, slurping out of a bowl, being messy and dirty, and playing tricks on her protectors.)This very funny book lets children look at this kind of behavior and see how unacceptable it is. The Princess meets a charming dragon who wants to be a princess, so they trade places. How children in the kingdom tried to be good like the dragon, but when they couldn't, they went to the princess' cave and roared and yelled with her. Perhaps a bedroom at home could be a cave for children who are having trouble with acceptable behavior.