Обложка книги The Queen of Spiders

The Queen of Spiders

ISBN: 0595292755;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 210

Book DescriptionLucas Grant finds refuge in his creativity. In the world of his vivid imagination he is the brave knight or crafty spy, safe from the bullies and cruel laughter that fill his days in third grade. Yet, when he is suddenly attacked by a terrifying nightmare, Lucas discovers even imagination is dangerous. Now with the aide of a gruff gargoyle, a scrawny lizard, a rotund Minotaur, and his best friend, Emily Wu, Lucas embarks on an exciting journey into the magical World of Shadows. Join him as he adventures into the caverns of an ancient gold dragon, meets the Tooth Fairy, travels in mysterious tree pods, faces horrible monsters, and unravels the secrets of imagination. Lucas Grant is safe no longer. Will he stop the frighteningQueen of Spiders before she enters his world forever? Your journey into the World of Shadows doesn't end here.