Обложка книги The Rainbow Butterfly

The Rainbow Butterfly

ISBN: 0595280978;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 84

Book DescriptionThe Butterfly was there, on the pillow beside her. Agnes closed her eyes again to make sure that she was awaken. Then she looked at the pillow again. The Butterfly was still thereA it just said: A?I come always, when you dream big, when your heart is pure and good, when you donA?t think only about yourselfA " Agnes understood every word. She was not surprised that the butterfly was able to talkA It said: A for this, I will tell you a secret. The greatest secret which will make you happy, healthy and well throughout your whole life. Now and in the futureA " In an instant, Agnes imagined a very difficult magical incantation or a mysterious golden elixir hidden on the bottom of the sea or on the top of the highest mountain, impossible to reach for anyone but a brave knight on his fast steed or a fairy prince who knows spells and charms. Or perhaps this dream Butterfly could get...

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