Обложка книги When the Giant Stirred: Legend of a Volcanic Island

When the Giant Stirred: Legend of a Volcanic Island

ISBN: 1550416839;
Издательство: Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited
Страниц: 40

Book DescriptionAward-winning author/illustrator Celia Godkin once again turns to the subject of nature's remarkable ability to renew itself in this beautiful new book. A small island in the Pacific exists in perfect harmony, where all the plants, animals and people are interdependant. But the islanders live with the knowledge that their mountain god sometimes grumbles and threatens to awake. When that happens, the people offer up prayers and garlands of flowers to coax the giant back to sleep. Therecomes a day, however, when the god will not be appeased. Smoke rises out of the mountain's crater, and ash and cinder begin to fall on the village. The chief tells his people it is time to leave. And days later, when the people have barely landed on another island, the volcano explodes. Soon there is nothing left of the old island but a smoking ruin devoid of all live. But the story is not over. Slowly, gradually, the island begins to support the stirrings of life once more. And...

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