Обложка книги Wilkinshire


ISBN: 0595287948;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 174

Book DescriptionA majestic dragon takes to the sky as darkness falls upon Wilkinshire. Though he is despised by many, he upholds his duty to protect all within the kingdom. With the death of the Lord of Wilkinshire, the time draws near when he will confront the new lord and determine his true intentions for Wilkinshire and its people. Faced with the responsibility of righting an abused and battered kingdom, the newly anointed Lord Philip assumes his role as Lord of Wilkinshire. The kingdom hasendured many hardships. Its citizens have fallen victim to one disaster after another. Peasants believe that Wilkinshire is cursed. They blame their misfortunes on a mythical dragon known to all as Bogotah. Lord Philip is determined to put an end to the citizens' superstitions. He is driven to discover the truth and find who is responsible for the kingdom's difficulties. Lord Thadeus of Lancaster anxiously waits for the ideal opportunity. He would like nothing more than...