Обложка книги Yeti or Not, Here We Come: Bigfoot in the Redwoods

Yeti or Not, Here We Come: Bigfoot in the Redwoods

ISBN: 0595265618;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 275

Book DescriptionCould the legendary Bigfoot exist among the ancient redwoods and rugged terrain of California s Eel River Valley? Little is known of the Sinkyone people who once called those majestic forests their home. With their passing went their knowledge of their mythical legends, sacred location and unspoken areas to be left alone, lost forever or were they? Generations of park rangers have sworn to protect one of the largest remaining groves of ancient coast redwoods. Since the park dedication, there has been at least one Bigfoot related report a year. For the most part, they were never taken very serious, written off as misidentified wildlife, or an over active imagination brought on by the aura of an ancient forest and even a self fulfilling prophecy for those who really want to believe. For one skeptical ranger, they were nothing more than entertaining folklore and myths. That all changed one-day after a series of Bigfoot related reports were brought to his...