Обложка книги Angel Armor: The Cassandra Conflict

Angel Armor: The Cassandra Conflict

ISBN: 0595308694;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 188

Book DescriptionRight after the events of "Just a Boy," Louis Williamson is flung into the distant past during an event known as the "Hundred Year War." Determined to change the past to avoid the loss of so many lives, Louis decides to try to change thecourse of the war to make it end sooner. However, his desire to do good will not be enough to stop him from going too far. Meanwhile, Indow and Louis' other companions celebrate the final defeat of the Darkness and mourn the loss of the Linkara.However, an old enemy arrives in town, deciding to resurrect the Dark Knights as the "Eclipsed Legion." To counter this new threat, the group must now look to old friends and new ones in order to stop the Eclipsed Legion as well as rescue Louis from thepast. Also, White Raven is tempted by an offer to join this new order, and she accepts.

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