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JudithFowler Robbins

Hamlet's Quest: The Sugar Creek Anthologies Of Jesse Freedom Series Book Two

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ISBN: 0595300847
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 226
Book DescriptionHamlet was a homeless boy who lived in a pre-electronic time when the storyteller had an honored place. His own story is told in the rhythm of an age when fairies were real, and life moved deliberately. Modern thrill-seekers might be shocked to learn the truth about the origins of their favorite netherworld elf queens and evil sorcerers. Hamlet spent his childhood at a Spanish mission in St. Augustine. After a seven-year apprenticeship in the sweltering hacienda-style workshops of the Mission Nombre de Dios, he set out on a quest to find his parents. Hamlet's journey took him to the misty haunts of the North Georgia Mountains, where superstition, legend and storytelling were a part of everyday life. He made friends with a young Indian named White Panther who shared with him a legend that was to set Hamlet's path. For the measure of his life, Hamlet weaves his most important tapestry: that of a man on a genealogical voyage. sorcerers. Hamlet spent...
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