Обложка книги Hana And The Honu

Hana And The Honu

ISBN: 0972990585;
Издательство: Beachhouse Pub Llc
Страниц: 27

Book DescriptionIt is a tale of old written by one of HawaiOiOs kupuna who grew up on a small plantation camp in Mokul?Oia. Inspired by his grandson during bedtime storytelling, Toki first drew the illustrations using quick strokes before the visions in his head disappeared. Then he put the story down on paper. Part of his youthNexploring Waialua, playing in streams, fishing, picking wild fruitNis relived as he tells this story of a boy named H?na and his friend the honu. As a child, H?na saves a frightened baby honu (sea turtle) from hungry birds. From that day on, H?na and Honu become best friends. They surf the waves with m?lolo (flying fish) and catch huge Oahi. Soon the day comes when they must part ways. Honu has become a full grown turtle, strong enough to go back to the open ocean, and H?na is a growing boy with new responsibilities. Years later, as a young man, H?na meets his honu again when it is he who is...