Обложка книги Humphrey, Albert, and the Flying Machine

Humphrey, Albert, and the Flying Machine

ISBN: 0152162356;
Издательство: Harcourt Children's Books
Страниц: 40

Book Description Humphrey and Albert think Princess Briar Rose's party is bo-o-oring --after all, everyone falls asleep! But when the brothers are the first to awake nearly one hundred years later, they realize the royal court has been enchanted--and only a kiss can wake up the princess and break the curse. Refusing to do any smooching (Y ech! ), they go in search of a handsome prince. Instead, they find Daniel Bernoulli, inventor of an incredible flying machine. But can the curse be broken by an ordinary inventor? In this hilariously fractured fairy tale, science comes to the rescue! An author's note tells about the real Daniel Bernoulli and the Bernoulli Effect, the scientific principle named for his discovery.

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