Обложка книги Paul Bunyan (Rabbit Ears-a Classic Tale)

Paul Bunyan (Rabbit Ears-a Classic Tale)

ISBN: 1591977673;
Издательство: Rabbit Ears

Amazon.comThe giant who cleared 23 trees in one swing of his ax and his trusty titanic blue-tinted ox, Babe, get the Rabbit Ears treatment in this charming 23-minute tape. These "video storybooks" take well-known tales and give them a celebrity narrator,illustrations with some minor animation, and original music. The result is a practically guilt-free alternative to reading books. Jonathan Winters does the narration honors here with a note-perfect rendition of this literally tall tale that began in lumber camps and eventually worked its way into the mainstream American storybook. This version finds Bunyan and the boys clearing the Dakotas at the request of President Teddy Roosevelt. Hot Biscuit Sally serves up enormous amounts of pancakes on a griddle that Bunyan rides into camp as a sled, a runaway Babe creates Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, and the giant lumberjack carves Mt. Rushmore to mark a job completed. This interpretation also has an environment-friendly twist: Bunyan has a change...