Обложка книги Raven Of The Waves

Raven Of The Waves

ISBN: 0439626617;
Издательство: Scholastic Paperbacks
Страниц: 208

Amazon.comSlash, chop, stab, kill with swords and axes--and yell for joy! In this rousing, historically authentic and appropriately gory novel about the Vikings, Michael Cadnum continues his exploration of cultures of violence (his other books include Redhanded , a contemporary novella about the brutal world of amateur boxing, and The Book of the Lion , set during the crusades). Cadnum, one of our finest young adult writers, vividly recreates not only the outer trappings of Viking society, but the psychological mindset of a people whose values, myths, songs, and sagas centered on murderous seafaring raids. Seventeen-year-old Lidsmod, however, is not so sure about this business of spectacular killing, although he does his best not to showit. He is on his first sea raid, aboard the new ship Raven , on the way with the other men of the village of Spjothof to plunder the English coast. Rumors have led them to a "gold fortress" or abbey, where 13-year-old Wiglaf is...

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