Обложка книги The Feather Giant

The Feather Giant

ISBN: 0595304842;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 92

Book Description The Feather Giant is a race of stories lived in a dreamland a little boy might dream and wander in search of action and adventure. The feather giant, Trebor, is a seven-foot tall, manlike creature, covered in shaggy feathers instead of fur, light as a feather, quick as a cat, and able to climb like a spider. He wakes up in a forest in a pile of leaves, near tabula rasa. But life does not just happen, it moves. Befriended by a brightly colored toucan, Trebor encounters a dragon and a dragon keeper, a sage in a magical garden, a strange bearman, an alien named Zixix with a spaceship, a troll and a dwarf captain, and pirates, ship, crew, and plank, just as one might expect from a little boy dreaming. Trebor learns he must head north, always north, if he is to catch up with the other 776 feather giants apparently ahead of him. The action moves through the child's natural development, from naive, simple settings, to the more complex arrangements of a...

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