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stephanie arado

The Legend of Grey Beard And the Great Evil

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ISBN: 0595319025
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 104
Book DescriptionRumors of a Great Evil are disrupting Grey Beard's community. Many members want to give up and move to a new location. Grey Beard fears that they do not have time to gather enough provisions before winter. As the leader, it is his responsibility to bring the community back together. After an explosive counsel meeting, Grey Beard soon realizes that the rumors are true. A great evil does exist within his community. Grey Beard must swallow his pride and work with the leader of the chipmunks. Now Grey Beard and Jazz are working together, but young rebels from both sides continue their illegal activity. Will the squirrels and chipmunks defeat the Great Evil or will they perish during the long cold winter that lies ahead.Download DescriptionRumors of a Great Evil are disrupting Grey Beard