Обложка книги The Princess & the Pauper

The Princess & the Pauper

ISBN: 0689870426;
Издательство: Simon Pulse
Страниц: 272

Amazon.comKeep that tiara handy, because the princess craze is in full swing. Disney after-school specials, Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series, and even many classics tap into girlhood fantasies of switching places with a beautiful, glamorous royal whose wish is everyone else's command. In Kate Brian's The Princess and the Pauper , however, the "pauper," a 16-year-old from L.A. named Julia Johnson, isn't remotely interested in being a princess until she's offered $10,000 to swap places with one, money that could keep she and her mom from being evicted from their run-down L.A. apartment. The story begins when Carina, crown princess of Vineland, meets an American rocker dude named Ribbit on the Internet and desperately wants to hook up with him in L.A. when she's on a "goodwill tour" of the U.S. When she visits L.A.'s Rosewood Academy, her friend Ingrid discovers Julia, who looks enough like Carina to take her place and fill in for her on the night of the Toadmuffin...