Обложка книги The Seventh Sorcerer : The Will of Titans

The Seventh Sorcerer : The Will of Titans

ISBN: 0595315569;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 430

Book DescriptionWhen an ancient Egyptian secret suddenly roars out of the past threatening to destroy the very fabric of life in the seven kingdoms, it falls to Carsten, an ancient sorcerer's young apprentice, to keep this terrifying power out of the hands of his mentor's archenemy, a manipulative and cruel sorcerer named Heldebraun. But Heldebraun is a formidable foe, drawing Carsten's beloved Princess Bryanna into a high-stakes game of survival to get the secret he so desperately desires. Carsten finds himself forced into an uneasy alliance with Danitra, an ill-tempered, tough, young witch who, in spite of her seeming ferocity, also bears the scars of a horrific run-in with Heldebraun.. As Heldebraun grows closer to solving the mystic riddle that stands between himself and immeasurable power, Carsten realizes that he is about to become the pawn of a secret brotherhood determined to fulfill a centuries old pledge, and learns that he alone must test his mettle as a man and come to...