Обложка книги The Swimmer With a Rope in His Teeth

The Swimmer With a Rope in His Teeth

ISBN: 1591021812;
Издательство: Prometheus Books
Страниц: 70

Book DescriptionA treacherous river separates two lands. On one side is the Land of Good and Happiness, whose citizens know how to live life happily; on the other side, the Land of Evil and Woe, where a benighted people wallows in ignorance, unaware thatit might greatly benefit from the enlightened civilization on the other side. One day a courageous swimmer from the Land of Good and Happiness embarks upon a dangerous journey to stretch a rope across the river to give the people on the other side a way out of their moral chaos and misery. What happens to the swimmer and how the recipients of the rope respond to his noble gesture make for a moving story. A good parable means many different things to different people. Is the swimmer a prophet or an embodiment of suffering heroes from mythology, such as Prometheus, Hercules, or Parsifal? However interpreted, Jeanne Shaffer and Howard Cruse's striking tale of timeless themes will sound a responsive chord in people from all...