Обложка книги Behind the Blue

Behind the Blue

ISBN: 0595361897;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 210

Book Description After only a few days at her grandparents', Katherine is already bored. Deciding to explore the woods nearby, it isn?t long before the Blue Man finds her. Some items have been stolen from him, items he would very much like back. Without hesitation, Katherine agrees to find them. After all, it is a chance at magic, a chance she has looked for all her life. The Blue Man sends her to a city where puddles are much deeper and lead to very unexpected places. It is a world where towering dragons fight in the furthest reaches of the sky, where the blue ends and the darkness of the universe begins. It is a place where indoor forests hide under massive domes and are only the entryways to secret, hidden things. And when her journey becomes dangerous, she wonders why she has been given a partner who doesn?t want to be there, a guide who is always looking to escape, and an assignment that is next to impossible.