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Barbara Rogasky

Dybbuk: A Version

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ISBN: 082341616X
Издательство: Holiday House
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 64
Book DescriptionSender, the richest man in town, only wants the best for his daughter, Leah. Her husband-to-be must be extremely wealthy. But when Leah and Konin, an orphaned scholar, fall in love, Sender recalls a pact he made long ago with his best friend: If one man had a daughter and the other a son, the two would be married. Though Konin is the son of his beloved friend, Sender cannot bear to permit the poor scholar to wed Leah. Konin dies of a broken heart once he hears Leah has been promised to another. Konin has his revenge, though, on Leah?s wedding day when his spirit inhabits her body and refuses to leave.