Обложка книги Feliciana Meets D'Loup Garou: A Cajun Tall Tale

Feliciana Meets D'Loup Garou: A Cajun Tall Tale

ISBN: 158980287X;
Издательство: Pelican Publishing Company
Страниц: 32

Book DescriptionAccording to legend, d?Loup Garou (pronounced loo-guh-ROO) is a Cajun werewolf that dwells in the Louisiana swamps and howls at the full moon. His favorite meal is a badly behaved child--and Feliciana?s been in a snit all day. When she cuts off her pigtail, that?s the last straw. She?s banned from attending the fais do-do with her family that evening, and left at home with her brother Ti-Jacques. After dark, she thinks she hears the legendary swamp monster d?Loup Garou . . . or is her brother playing tricks on her? Feliciana?s sassiness and self-confidence make her an appealing heroine in this cautionary tall tale. Its use of authentic Cajun dialect inspires a hilariously fun read-aloud experience.