Обложка книги Magic Muddle! (Airy Fairy Books)

Magic Muddle! (Airy Fairy Books)

ISBN: 0764131877;
Издательство: Barrons Educational Series
Страниц: 80

Book Description Everybody knows that fairies are charming little creatures, dainty, pretty, and tidy. Airy Fairy is different. Young readers who make her acquaintance soon realize that she does have charm?but dainty? Tidy? Not Airy Fairy! Kids willlaugh as they read these stories about the messiest fairy in town. Funny stories, vivid characters, and amusing line art fill the pages of the Airy Fairy series. Each story appears in chapters, just like an adult?s novel, but Airy Fairy?s humorous adventures are written on a level that will appeal to girls and boys. In this funny story, Airy Fairy?s school is the scene for a series of student athletic events. Who is the fastest, fittest, sportiest fairy in the academy? But clumsy Airy Fairy has a feeling that she?s heading for disaster. Black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page.